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Sightings of Spring Heeled Jack


Location: Aldershot (Hampshire) - North Camp, Aldershot Garrison
Type: Other
Date / Time: March - April and September 1877
Further Comments: Spring Heeled Jack was blamed after several sentries reported being attacked by a figure with cold, corpse-like hands. Bullets fired at the attacker had no effect.

A nineteenth century illustration of Spring Healed Jack.

Spring Healed Jack

Location: E3 (Greater London) - House along Bearhind Lane (lane no longer exists)
Type: Other
Date / Time: February 1838
Further Comments: Jane Alsop is believed to have been one of Spring Healed Jack's first victim when she opened her front door at night to what she believed was a policeman. Instead, she found a figure wearing a helmet and tight-fitting white clothing. The figure's eyes burnt with fire and he had claw-like hands. The figure attacked Alsop, but her screams alerted her sister who ran to Alsop's aid. Jack leapt away into the darkness.

Vomiting Flames

Location: E3 (Greater London) - House in Old Ford (area since redeveloped)
Type: Other
Date / Time: 20 February 1838
Further Comments: Jane Alsop answered the door to a policeman who claimed to have caught Spring Heeled Jack and urgently needed light. Alsop grabbed a candle, but upon handing it to the 'policeman', the figure threw off his cloak to reveal glowing red eyes and a mouth that vomited blue and white flame. Jane was attacked but her sister heard her screams and together they fought the figure who then fled.

Strange Antics

Location: Erdington (West Midlands) - General area
Type: Other
Date / Time: November / December 1902
Further Comments: An unknown figure would appear along dark roads around the village and perform 'strange antics' before vanishing. The press claimed several witnesses were left in nervous shock and blamed a 'Spring Heeled Jack'. Groups of armed men started to patrol the roads, but it would appear they failed to locate the figure. Some believed the entity was created by a joker using a magic lantern.

Captured Jack

Location: Gower (West Glamorgan) - General area
Type: Other
Date / Time: 1880s
Further Comments: A figure resembling Spring Heeled Jack took to haunting this area, leaping over hedges and fences on moonlit nights, his white coat flapping behind him. This Jack's reign ended when cornered by a farmer - the farmer promised not to reveal Jack's identity and the sightings ceased.

Fleet of Foot

Location: Holyhead (Gwynedd) - General area
Type: Other
Date / Time: Circa December 1903
Further Comments: A 'madman' took to haunting the streets, jumping out on women before running away. The press referred to the figure as a 'Spring Heeled Jack', and described the perpetrator as tall, fair, good looking and fleet of foot.

Spring Heeled Jack

Location: Lincoln (Lincolnshire) - Newport Arch
Type: Other
Date / Time: Circa October 1877
Further Comments: While being chased by a mob, Spring Heeled Jack jumped on to the arch where he was shot by one of his pursuers. The bullet had no effect, and Jack vanished into the night.

Thrashed Jack

Location: Little Clacton (Essex) - General Area
Type: Other
Date / Time: 23 March 1906
Further Comments: According to newspaper reports, a figure described as a 'Spring Heeled Jack' who had acted in a ghost-like manner, scaring the locals, was caught in a trap and given a 'sound thrashing'.

A nineteenth century illustration of Spring Healed Jack.

Spring Healed Jack

Location: Liverpool (Merseyside) - Everton area
Type: Other
Date / Time: Nineteenth century
Further Comments: This area was one from which this enigmatic creature/entity was reported.

A nineteenth century illustration of Spring Healed Jack.

Fire Spitter

Location: N21 (Greater London) - Green Dragon Alley
Type: Other
Date / Time: 28 February 1838
Further Comments: The attack on Lucy Scales along this road was attributed to Spring Heeled Jack; Lucy was hit in the face with blue flame which emerged from a cloaked figure who had stepped out in front of her. Lucy's sister witnessed the attack and her screams brought assistance. The attacker, described as a tall, thin gentleman walked off carrying a lamp (or bounded away, depending on the source).


Location: St Margaret's at Cliffe (Kent) - Unidentified fields in the area
Type: Other
Date / Time: November 1904
Further Comments: A group of men looking for a ghost which had taken up haunting the area claimed something like 'Spring Heeled Jack' escaped them by running into the mist. Several other ghosthunters mistook a nurse walking home for the ghost.


Location: Stoneleigh (Surrey) - Road by Nescot College on the Ewell bypass
Type: Other
Date / Time: 14 February 2012
Further Comments: A taxi driver and his three passengers watched a dark figure with no features dart across the road in front of them before leaping four and a half metres into the air to clear an embankment. The passengers compared the entity to Spring Healed Jack.

Clawed Attacker

Location: SW11 (Greater London) - Clapham Common, heading towards Lavender Hill
Type: Other
Date / Time: October 1837
Further Comments: Mary Stevens was attacked by a figure which ripped at her clothing with corpse-like clawed hands. Mary's screams caused the figure to flee and attracted the attention of other people, although they were unable to find the attacker. The following day in the same neighbourhood, the figure which would be soon given the nickname Spring Heeled Jack, jumped out in front of a coach and caused it to crash. The laughing Jack escaped over a tall wall.

An old postcard of Barnes Common, London.


Location: SW13 (Greater London) - Barnes Common
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Prisoner and nun possibly nineteenth century, Jack in September 1837
Further Comments: Seen silently walking across the common after dusk, this man wears the classic prisoner clothing; grey with many black arrows covering it. A phantom nun was said to perform a similar act, gliding in a zig-zag fashion. The common was also the site of two Spring-Healed Jack encounters, on sequential nights; Jack first appeared to a businessman who ran away, and the second night assaulted a girl later found unconscious (her two friends ran away during the attack).

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