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Common Names in Folklore and Ghostly Tales


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Many places claim to be the queen of the Iceni's final resting place or the site of her final battle.

Fionn mac Cumhaill

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Also known as Finn McCool, Fionn is a mythical warrior in Irish mythology and his name is attached to several locations.

Jack the Ripper

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Some stories say this murderer and his victims remained in the East End long after their deaths.

King Arthur & Co

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Tales of Arthur, his knights, and Merlin have left an imprint on the landscape, and in some cases, beneath it.

Robin Hood

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While Hood and his band of folk heroes may not have existed, a few places claim otherwise.

Sir Francis Drake

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Pirate, explorer, naval officer, slave trader, hater of the Spanish, and possible witch, Drake's influence is still felt today.