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Location: Brampton (Hereford & Worcester) - Brampton Bryan Park
Type: Legend - Old Nick
Date / Time: 03 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Local legend says that on the day Cromwell died, the park was laid to waste as the Devil passed though it to collect the soul due to him. Now, once a year, Old Nick rides out and returns to the park to ravage it once more.

Archdeacon Bulkeley?

Location: Dublin (County Dublin) - Area around Old Bawn Road and the Dodder
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 08 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Said to either be driven by or containing Archdeacon Bulkeley, a coach drawn by six headless horses containing two passengers together with two footmen, drives through this area of Dublin. Anyone who spots the coach is said to die within 366 days.

John and Amy

Location: Tasburgh (Norfolk) - Rainthorpe (or Rainthrorpe) Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 08 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Early evening of 8 September, a ghostly pair meet in the gardens of the hall, named by some as Amy Robsart and either John Appleyard (her half-brother) or Robert Dudley (her husband). The date of the manifestation is the day Amy died after falling down the staircase at Cumnor Place.

Janet Dalrymple

Location: Bladnoch (Dumfries and Galloway) - Baldoon Castle ruins
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 12 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: On her wedding night, Janet went insane; she stabbed her husband several times and had to be dragged away by servants. Janet's husband survived, though she died shortly after - the date on which her shade returns to the scene of her outburst.

Murdered Women

Location: Selkirk (Borders) - Newark Castle
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 13 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: The castle is said to contain the souls of the women and children murdered by brutal soldiers at the site, who are heard once a year.

Edward II Screams

Location: Berkeley (Gloucestershire) - Berkeley Castle
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 21 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Murdered on orders of his wife Queen Isabella (her fate is documented elsewhere in this database), the anniversary of the King's death is marked by his screams echoing around the castle. The skin of an animal was once on display near the entrance; a local legend said it belonged to a giant toad discovered in the dungeon, although it was more likely to belong to a seal.

Sir Walter

Location: Sherborne (Dorset) - Castle
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 28 September, St Michael's Eve (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Sir Walter Raleigh is said to appear here once a year, near a tree that was named after him. Other ghosts claimed to haunt the castle include horses and a ghostly child. At one time, it was thought the castle was cursed, as ill fortune befell several of the owners.

Mad Jack

Location: Atcham (Shropshire) - Mytton and Mermaid Hotel
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 30 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: John 'Mad Jack' Mytton was a local eccentric who lived with 2000 dogs and 60 cats while drinking six bottles of port per day. His money eventually ran out and he died in a debtors' prison. However, once a year on his birthday, his ghost is reputed to visit the hotel that has now taken his name.

Female in Old Attire

Location: Macclesfield (Cheshire) - Gawsworth Hall and general area
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn (reoccurring)
Further Comments: A female phantom is reported to drift around the courtyard of Gawsworth Hall, patrolling nearby lanes, and in the churchyard. Some have named her as Mary Fitton, a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I.


Location: Dalgety Bay (Fife) - St Bridget's Kirk
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Phantom pirates are supposed to haunt this ruined area.

Drifting Nun

Location: Fawkham Green (Kent) - Pennis Lane
Type: Curse
Date / Time: Autumn (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Appearing at dusk, the figure of a nun has been reported floating down this lane. Her skull is housed at Pennis Farm and it is said if the object is ever removed a great curse will befall the valley.

Sarah Preston

Location: Boston (Lincolnshire) - Boston Stump (tower of St Botolph's parish church)
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn (reoccurring)
Further Comments: In one version of the ghost story, Sarah is seen to leap from the tower of the church holding a young child, vanishing just before hitting the ground. Another variation has Sarah dying of the plague - she was blamed for bringing the black death in the town by her adulterous ways, and her cries of 'pestilence!' can still be heard as she runs towards the church.

Poacher with Bag

Location: Wadhurst (Sussex) - Beggars Bush, Bestbeech Hill Crossroads area
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn evenings (reoccurring)
Further Comments: This thieving ghost in a tan coloured coat is seen struggling along the road, his brown sack bulging with stolen food.

Coach Arriving

Location: Dartmouth (Devon) - The Royal Castle Hotel, The Quay
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn months, 02:00h (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Early morning, during the time of golden leaves, the sound of a horse and coach can be heard coming to a stop outside the hotel. There are sounds of someone jumping on board before the hooves can be heard pulling away. One of the bedrooms may be haunted by a robed figure, and the sounds of two people fighting can be heard in the courtyard.

Fighting and Singing

Location: Nether Stowey (Somerset) - Dowsborough (aka Danesborough or Dawesbury) Camp
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Autumn nights (reoccurring)
Further Comments: The sounds of a young child singing have been reported here in the past, as have the sounds of soldiers crooning and chanting before starting to fight.

Hobby Lanterns

Location: Dunwich (Suffolk) - Paths around Dunwich
Type: Other
Date / Time: Pre-1924, said to be most active between 29 September and 24 December
Further Comments: Will-o-the-Wisps, known locally as Hobby Lanterns, were said to lure people off the paths at night after extinguishing the victim's own light source.

Banished Island

Location: Port Soderick (Isle of Man) - Off the coast
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Reappears every seven years, last seen late September, year unknown.
Further Comments: The occupants of an island insulted the wizard Fin MacCool. As punishment he turned the people into granite and sunk the island, permitting it to return once every seven years. The curse could be broken if a bible were placed on the island during a period of its return. The last time the island was spotted, the witness ran home, grabbed her bible and returned to the site, but was too slow - the island had already sunk back to the depths. The woman who tried to save the island died soon after; superstitious locals blamed her death on MacCool's curse, and this supposedly has prevented anyone from trying to save the island and its occupants again.

Peg Sneddle

Location: Crackenthorpe (Cumbria) - General area
Type: Crisis Manifestation
Date / Time: September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: Peg Sneddle, or Elizabeth Sleddall as she was known in life, would manifest prior to a death in the Machell family (she was married to a Machell, but used her maiden name after his premature death). This ceased when her body was hidden under a large rock in the nearby river, though it would reappear every year in September. A phantom coach and four also haunts the same area.

Lady in Black

Location: Pembroke (Dyfed) - Manorbier Castle
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: This feminine figure dressed in black seems to appear near the gatehouse.

Princess Alice

Location: SE2 (Greater London) - Thames River, Thamesmead
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: When a collier rammed a pleasure boat (the Princess Alice) here in 1878, over 600 people died - many of them being poisoned by the outflow of London's sewage which emerged from a pipe by the accident site. Their pitiful cries for help can sometimes be heard around the time of the accident.

Grenadier Climbing Stairs

Location: SW1 (Greater London) - The Grenadier public house, Wilton Row
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: This young trooper was killed after it was discovered he cheated in a card game in the public house - the grenadier only appears in the month of September, as he walks around the building, looking into rooms and pacing along corridors.


Location: Minster (Kent) - Old Oake Cottage
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: This strange looking figure of a monk always appears as if silhouetted behind an intense light. He is always heard before manifesting, shuffling feet marking his appearance.

Fighting Galleons

Location: Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) - Breydon Water
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Varies: 11 July, 14 September (reoccurring)
Further Comments: The first set of ships to haunt this area is said to be a fleet of galleons heading towards Burgh Castle. The second is a battle between a pirate ship and two smaller vessels.

Party with Ugly Young Man

Location: Madingley (Cambridgeshire) - Madingley Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Varies: 24 December Lady Ursula seen. Party reported in September 1963
Further Comments: One witness claimed to have heard a ghostly party, followed by the sighting of a stuffy young man, whose face resembled that of a skeleton. Others have also reported similar occurrences, describing the man as having a decaying green face. Lady Ursula Hynde also returns to the hall once a year, upset at her son's actions - he pulled down a church, and used the wood to finish construction of Madingley Hall.

Bishop of Brundall on Barge

Location: Brundall (Norfolk) - River
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Varies: 24 June & 18 September (Reoccurring)
Further Comments: Sailing up the river, the Bishop's barge contains 28 rowers and is covered with fine cloth and silk. The Bishop is said to bless any ill people that he sails by.

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