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A list of reoccurring supernatural events


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Events include the appearance of a Black Monk, a phantom Spitfire, and the sound of ghostly footsteps.


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Including the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, the MacDonald clan, and phantom ships.

March (inc Easter)

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The beginning of Spring features the wild hunt, and both a woman in red and a lady in white.


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Featuring animating statues, haunted churches, and a phantom battle.


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An opportunity to enter the fairy kingdom, spot the Devil, and witness a coach pulled by headless horses.


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Summer arrives along with ghostly song, King Arthur's Table, and a white shuck.


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The month to view a bride dressed in black, the Pass of Killiecrankie battle, and fighting galleons.


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Featuring hell hounds, William II, a phantom coach, and a Victorian housemaid.


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Autumn brings crying children, a slowly moving phantom barge, and Sir Walter Raleigh.


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A fairy meet, a ghostly knight in armour, and a white calf all occur during this month.


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Phantom marching soldiers can be heard, a ghostly nun seen, and bloody rain falls.


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The start of winter and the run up to Christmas witnesses a railway disaster, runaway horses, and a black abbot.

Weather Dependent

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The paranormal events which are said only occur when atmospheric conditions are right.