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Examining folkloric, paranormal & cryptozoological locations in the UK and beyond

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Run by Darren Mann, the Paranormal Database is an award-winning long-term project described as ‘a veritable Encyclopaedia Britannica of supernatural hokum’ by international art magazine Apollo.

Coming from what Bob Fischer christened the Haunted Generation, Darren’s interest in the paranormal was shaped in his formative years by Scooby Doo, Rentaghost, and the Usborne World of the Unknown series of books. After finishing his degree in 1996, the last year of which was spent both researching ufology’s impact on contemporary culture and faking photographic images of alien craft, Darren needed a new hobby and decided on photographing sites of paranormal interest. After strangers on the internet started to email Darren their personal accounts of ghosts, fairy encounters and UFO sightings, what started as a short-term diversion became a life-long passion.

Darren has written for NBCUniversal and The History Press Ireland, occasionally pops up on television, and has a weekly radio show with his partner on Ipswich’s ICR-FM.

Darren can be reached via the contact form on this site.