Down Antrim Londonderry Donegal Tyrone Fermanagh Armagh Louth Monaghan Cavan Meath Leitrim Longford Westmeath Roscommon Sligo Mayo Dublin Wicklow Wexford Kildare Offaly Laois Carlow Kilkenny Tipperary Galway Clare Limerick Waterford Cork Kerry World renown for the Cat of Killakee, the Banshee and Leprechauns, Ireland is an emerald jewel in the paranormal crown. After Scotland, Ireland has one of the most concentrated areas of reported lake monsters in the world, while on firmer surfaces dozens of haunted castles and other buildings pepper the land.

Co. Antrim
Co. Armagh
Co. Carlow
Co. Cavan
Co. Clare
Co. Cork
Co. Londonderry
Co. Donegal
Co. Down
Co. Dublin
Co. Fermanagh
Co. Galway
Co. Kerry
Co. Kildare
Co. Kilkenny
Co. Laois
Co. Leitrim
Co. Limerick
Co. Longford
Co. Louth
Co. Mayo
Co. Meath
Co. Monaghan
Co. Offaly
Co. Roscommon
Co. Sligo
Co. Tipperary
Co. Tyrone
Co. Waterford
Co. Westmeath
Co. Wexford
Co. Wicklow